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they're low power LE contract loads made for the HK p2000 subcompact model. it's in stock at cabela's and many local shops too.

XM40HA, which uses a 135 grain HST bullet. The HA version was designed to be used in the HK P2000sk which is issued to firearms instructors as well as a few other select personnel within USBP/ICE/CBP.
The XM40HA is a 135 gr. HST that I chrono'd at 1130 fps. Respectable, but not screaming along like CorBon.
most 135grn 40cal loads are in the 1250FPS range. i passed on this one and bought 165grn & 180grn HST even though they were more pricey.

it's certainly not a bad choice, especially if money is a major factor

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