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Finally made it too the range today. Even though the sky opened up on us. So I only got too shoot the 20 test loads and 10 9mm rounds.
I tried the 4.4 of WST with a 200 grs X-treme bullet at 1.186. I tried too chronograph 5 rounds but it would only register 4 with the 4 rounds I got.
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I put 11 rounds in the gun and the gun cycled all 11 rounds. Granted it was only one try at 11 rounds. You would have too do more try’s too see it well work 100% of the time. I only shoot Maj Sub with that gun so I would only use 7 rounds in the gun. If I were going too use the G30 for the other courses of fire I would use Glock 21 mags just too be on the safe side.
Because of the rain I was In a little bit of a hurry, so the accuracy test was not as good as I would have liked. Also the horse fly started too come out in droves.
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