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I am the guy with 20k bad Wolf primers. I heard all the crap about I'm not seating them right and all the other BS. The fact is the only primers I'm having problems with is just this one batch. My last batch of Wolf primers worked fine, this batch is DEFECTIVE and it has nothing to do with how I seat them.

Wolf gave me the same load of BS about asking a dealer with a hazmat licence to ship them back for me in order to get a refund, but guess what. The dealers I spoke to will not ship hazmat materials for someone else. I'm willing to bet that Wolf knows this and they have found a perfect way to not stand behind their product.

Wolf may improve their QC, and this problem may go away, but they will never see another penny of my business. Granted I'm not a big player,but last year I went through 30,000 primers. 20K were Wolf and the other 10 were Winchester. Never again.
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