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Originally Posted by XDRoX View Post
They are however a pain in the ass to seat. Some seat fine, others are hard to push in, and others snag on the way in like they are too big or not round. So I will not be buying them again, but they do go bang, at least for me.
That's sad to.. w/ the Primer shortage right now, Wolf would be making a killing if they could get the QC issues squared away.... I was gonna buy some, but up to this point, I've managed to keep Winchester or CCI in stock.. so I've been happy. I got pretty thin a few months ago though, then managed to get a few Federal primers.... and that got me through till I was able to get 5k of Win SP and 5k of CCI SP... That will probably last me till the end of the year, I'll buy another 10k CCI or Win if the opportunity arises.

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