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Originally Posted by Glockin26 View Post
Pics or it didnt happen...

Id rather not get stuck with ineffective primers, in which this blog recommends.
Small Pistol as far as I can tell... I'm getting ~30% FTF in my Glock, buddy got 20% FTF in his Tarus... They have some bad batches out there right now...

To my msg...
> This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
> Tim Owens <>
> Hi,
> Recently received 5K Small Pistol primers from Wideners. I'm having a 25-30% failure to fire in a Glock 22. I've put in a 6lb striker spring, and cleaned out the firing pin channel. Factory ammo and CCI primers function normally.
> These are from Lot 22-09.
> Please advise if you have any other recommendations, or how I can go about either exchanging or obtaining refund.
> Thanks.

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