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Like you said lessoned learned. Donít worry I have shot around 70 GSSF matches and I still do mistakes like that. I did the same thing at are local match where I had to go home and shortened the C.O.L. after that it worked fine.
Your load of 4.4 of WST should work at 1.120. For Maj Sub. You are using less powder; so shorting the C.O.L. increases the pressure. That load you got from Ed. He only uses in for Maj Sub, 7 rounds total. If you want too use that load for Amateur or the others ones where you load 11 rounds in the gun I would use Glock 21 mags. Or up your powder charge.
I use G19 mags in my 26 and G17 mags in my G19 just for that reason. Trust me my mags are well broken in.
Putting more crimp on a plated bullet is the wrong way too go. I would stick with the 200gr. Bullets. Everyone that I know that shoots GSSF and shoots Maj Sub use the 200gr. Bullet. I have tried the 230 and I find no reason too do so. Nothing else the 200gr bullet cost less.
Also the bullet that Ed uses. The length of his just the bullet is .568. So that may also play into what length you need to seat the bullet. He gave me one at the Thibodaux match. I took it home and dissected it. Just have not had the time too load any up yet too try. I well be using the 200gr FP X-treme bullet.
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