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round two much better

I had 46 rounds left from this batch. I pressed the bullets down to 1.165 and tightened up the crimp to .470 (previously I was at .471). This didn't crease the plating but it was definitely tight.

I took my stiffest magazines to the range along with a less stiff magazine. I could feel the difference in hand cycling my 30 on top of a stiff mag loaded with 10 rounds compared to a less stiff magazine. It was a big difference. There is definitely a point in the cycle where I could feel the slide encountering more resistance.

Predictably, loading up with 10 +1 using these magazines caused a jam on the first round but no jams afterwards. 10 +1 in my less stiff mag worked great. My load is very accurate. I'm hoping that these magazines loosen up. Otherwise I will just have to load 10 and hope I don't need an 11th round.

I have about 200 of these bullets left. I'm going to load up some with 4.5 grains of WST and see how I like it and how those stiff mags like it. After they are gone I will buy some 230 grain bullets and see if I like them better.

Thanks for all the advice. Send more if you have it.
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