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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
Take a look at the Lyman manual. It also says not to crease the bullet. In my experiance any inward movement of the crimp will crease a plated bullet. There is a pretty broad range of what will work and wont work. Any outward will cause a problem more then likely. Very slight inward curve probably won't hurt anything. Neither will a straight case. Too much crimp on a plated bullet will cut the plating and cause issues.
I read that part in the Lyman manual. I tried to make my cases pretty straight. I'll go a little farther and see if I can get a little bit of an inward curve. I definitely don't want to crease the plating. I've read that my accuracy will suffer if I over crimp. The bullets are in there tight. Resizing the cases made them nice and tight for the berry's bullets.

Originally Posted by MisterLady27 View Post
Hey Jeremiah,

1. This doesn't solve your ammo cycling issue - But, did you not shoot Maj Sub class? It sounds like you were playing against all the guys with bigger guns, smaller calibers and eleven rounds.

2. We shoot some GSSF, it's a family thing - very enjoyable. I usually shoot a 27 in the Am Civ class and my beloved 30 in Maj Sub. Of course, the margin of miss on the plates is 1. But a slow plate is much faster than a missed plate! Ask me how I know this.

3. I've used/using TG w/ 230's for matches. See the othetr thread in GTR for discussions about 185 vs 230. My notes have match fodder at 4.1 gr and 4.0gr TG. TG is faster than WST(my other pistol powder of choice/use) but scorches.

haha! I did shoot MajorSub (Sub Compact too) and I found out first-hand what leaving plates standing will do to my score! One tap-rack-bang and one missed plate and all of the sudden I'm 20 seconds into the future! I've only shot in three matches but I did manage to knock all the plates down in my previous two.

My wife shot her first match with me. She did very well for her first time.

I've read a lot of good things about TG and I've been thinking of trying 230's after my 200's run out. Just to see for myself which I like better.
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