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Originally Posted by RustyFN View Post
Yes, Berry's recommends using jacketed data with their plated bullets. I have been loading Berry's plated for a few years with jacketed data with great results. This is from Berry's web site.
Thanks for that info. I didn't see that on their site. I wonder if their plating is thicker than normal. All other info that I've read says to treat plated bullets as lead. The manufacturer knows best, I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Bob2223 View Post
Berry's 200 grain flat point with a shoulder ?

do you mean a 200 gn SWC ?

No. Perhaps "shoulder" isn't the correct term. I don't know, it looks like a shoulder to me. Reloading

The only things that changed are: During the match I used all of my magazines and I loaded up to 10 +1 so the slide had to cycle on top of a full ten round magazine. Some of my magazines are definitely stiffer than others. I didn't take these things into account.

Originally Posted by tjpet View Post
Upping the powder charge won't hurt (I run my 200grn. .45ACP rounds with 5.0grns. WST) but for the most part it looks like you don't have enough crimp on your ammo. Don't buy the BS about "just removing the bell" is all you need. Turn the case mouth slightly into the round or if taper crimping make sure the case is tight up against the bullet. That will most likely eleviate your problem.
I am taper crimping. I will tighten up the crimp on my remaining rounds and see what happens.
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