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These bullets are plated. Starting load for a 200gr lead or plated bullet is 4.2 according one source and 4.4 according to two others. 4.7 and 4.9 and 5.1 are the max loads for a 200 grain lead bullet according to my data.
Yes, Berry's recommends using jacketed data with their plated bullets. I have been loading Berry's plated for a few years with jacketed data with great results. This is from Berry's web site.

Plated bullets occupy a position between cast bullets and jacketed bullets. They are soft lead, but have a hard outer shell on them. When loading plated bullets we have found best results using low- to mid-range jacketed data in the load manual. You must use data for a bullet that has the same weight and profile as the one you are loading. Do not exceed mid-range loads. Do not use magnum loads.
Velocities depend on the caliber, but as a rule of thumb, we recommend you don't shoot our plated bullets over 1200 feet-per-second. Our 44's actually shoot best around 1150 fps. 45's are generally good at 850-900 fps. Our bullets are not recommended for magnum velocities.
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