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Used my reloads for 1st time in GSSF match. Not good!

I had a lot of feed failures. After the 1st time I had a reshoot and then it happened again so I was tap-rack-bang from that point on. I figured it was pointless to do anymore reshoots or see the armorer.

G30 shooting Berry's 200 grain flat point with a shoulder, 4.4gr WST powder, 1.195 OAL using mixed brass. In working to that load I started with two bunches loaded at 4.5 grains and 4.4 grains with an OAL of 1.225. Those loads has a lot of feed failures so I loaded some more 4.4gr with an OAL of 1.195. That load shot really well with zero failures and very good accuracy which is why I used it at the match.

At the match I was loading my magazines to full capacity (10 rounds) with one in the chamber. An RO suggested that my mag springs were stiff and this was causing my slide to not fully cycle for the 1st few rounds in the magazine. I have eight magazines and not all of them were causing jams, some are new and some are old. I eventually stopped loading 10+1 and instead went with 9+1. That helped but I still had a few feed failures. It should be noted that I didn't load to 10+1 when I was testing my loads, only 9+1 and I didn't test in all of my magazines. Lesson learned.

I also started locking my elbows in my shooting stance and making sure that my wrists were tense. When I didn't this I didn't have any failures but I was on my last couple strings of the match and only loading to 9+1.

So, where to from here? I got the suggestion on this board to load 4.4gr with OAL of 1.120-5. That seemed awfully short compared to my load data that said 1.225.

Would an OAL of 1.120 keep the slide from riding on the top round as much and improve feeding? Or, should I just bump up my powder charge to 4.5gr? OR , should I scrap the flat point bullets and go with a round nose?
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