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Originally Posted by PillBox View Post
This is probably the most ignorant post I have ever seen on GlockTalk. You should be ashamed of yourself.

well he is somewhat right although it wasnt the csa bringing them over it was white and black people in general for 200 years prior to the war of northern aggression. If their ancestors hadnt been brought here they would be in africa starving and dying of aids right now. My ancestors came over here not as slaves but as subjects to a tyrant. Had they not come over i would probably be in Ulster Ireland. I would rather be here so i am thankfull. My 4xgreat grandfather was a captain in 3rd MS Cavalry 3rd regiment and was a slave owner. Was slavery right? No. Was it nessessary to the south's economy? Yes. It happened learn from it but leave it in the past where it belongs. My ancestor served under that flag and lost a son to yankees at Vicksburg. I fly and honor the Confederate flag its my way of honoring my family, my ancestors and my herritige
"Our situation illustrates the American idea that governments rest on the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established."

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