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Originally Posted by Trigun View Post
*Snip* Although comparing Hitler to the confederate flag seems deliberately inflammatory. After all, it was the North that won in large part due to a strategy of raping, murdering, and burning the homes of women and children in the south as their husbands and fathers were fighting union soldiers.
War is Hell -William Tecumseh Sherman

I would say the North won because of a Larger Army, Better Industrial Resources, More money, and with the ability to raise and outfit an Army faster than the CSA, Not to mention the US Navy was far superior to the CSA Navy which was almost a non entity.

Shermans march was just a faster way to end the war.

It could have gone on 3 more years, but more people would have died than the number of People Killed and Raped by Shermans men.

As for the raping, we dont know that the CSA soldiers didnt rape
Rape has been very under reported through the years

I mean US WW2 Soldiers raped burned down Germans, Italian , and Japaneses Civilians, but we still honor them
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