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Now I sense that the flag is more a symbol of racism and ignorance for most people and that is why it has been met with more and more distaste.
Symbols can be changed, twisted, and perverted. The winning side gets to write the history and these days it seems the war is between the states is presented as some kind of race war.

"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery." -Lincoln

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I remember a Military man, who loved his country and fought for it. Afterward his country was poor and broke and being blamed for the War.
But he rebuilt his country, made it an Industrial power, gave the people jobs and their pride back. Helped them put food on the table. He also got their land that was stolen from them.
but that was Hitler.
Should Germans put Swastikas on their Volkswagens in honor of "German Pride"?
Actually, believe it or not, Hitler is highly regarded in Pakistan and parts of India. They love meeting Germans who, once they find out the reason, are usually very annoyed to say the least. Although comparing Hitler to the confederate flag seems deliberately inflammatory. After all, it was the North that won in large part due to a strategy of raping, murdering, and burning the homes of women and children in the south as their husbands and fathers were fighting union soldiers.
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