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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
G30 doesn't like SWC's. Thats pretty much says it all. You may get lucky but I would trade those bullets away and get something else. G30 is a defensive handgun try some bullets shaped more along those lines. Thats a nice way of saying it's not designed for that kind of bullet.
That was my experience as well with the G-30 and Rainier 200 grain plated SWC's. Fed them fine, just wouldn't extract over another SWC in the mag. I varied COL, crimp, no luck. Mine once failed to extract firing Mag Tech 230 ball. The top cartridge in the mag had a rough edge on the case mouth and no apparent crimp. That was enough to cause a stoppage.
If I still reloaded for the G-30 I would probably use at cone shape bullet and some taper crimp to keep the case mouth smooth.
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