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45 ACP and SWC difficulty

My challange is with my .45 ACP Glock 30 & SWC.
I will try to make this as short as possible, and still give enough information for you to make opinions on my problem.

I am trying to reload 200g SWC (Barry’s Plated). I am at 5.3grains of AA#2.
I have tested the CAOL at 8 different lengths ranging from 1.199 to 1.275".
After shooting a round, the extractor starts to pull back the spent casing, as the next round tries to make its way up from the magazine. It appears that the rim of the spent casing is hitting against the lip of the SWC causing it to be torn from the extractor and either stove-piping or causing the empty casing to be pushed back in the chamber.
This is happening on almost every round, but the longer the CAOL the better it gets, say only 3 out of 10 rounds.

Any Ideas how to overcome this problem? I have attached an image of two rounds with the damage evident. (if it works)

PS. I have tried hotter loads up to 5.6g of AA#2, but with the same results.
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