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Before anyone starts slamming me for coming to Josh's rescue he can take care of himself just fine.

I agree the thumb break, snap, lock or rotating hood is not for everyone. We use certain models while doing perimeter work on a detail, other then that we do not use any retention devices on our holsters.

The good thing about Josh is he is willing to push the envelope and try new designs, will they please everyone...hell no and he knows it. I know he is working on a couple of other designs as I write this. Will he ever make a traditional thumb break, I don't know that is his call.

I like the fact that he gives you a trial period to try his holsters out, how many other leather or kydex companies offer this. I have been buying holsters for the past Thirty years from almost every holster company out there, some were great products and some were not. Unless you could point out a really bad flaw on some of these holsters they told you it is yours now.


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