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G26,27,33 and G29,30,36 Sta-Tite rods

The wait is over!

BT has G26, 27, 33 and G29,30,36 Sta-Tite guide rods available.

The rod is 17-4 H1150 hardened stainless, polished and black oxided.

The screw is machined from stainless bar with a plain round button and will NOT come out during use.

The spring cup separating the two springs is machined from stainless and will NOT allow the large spring to pass over the end as can happen with the factory spring cup. It is also polished and black oxided for smooth running and a factory look.

We took our time with this one getting it just right to deliver the best aftermarket product available. Function is assured by using factory springs and with a black plain round button the look is great. You can depend on a BT rod in your carry gun!

Price with factory Glock springs installed and shipped is $59.

$32 rod
$ 7 spring cup
$15 springs
$ 5 shipping

Also, if you have a Glock factory assembly and would like to use your existing springs you can send them to BT and save on buying new springs.

Pictures coming soon.

Send an email to: if interested. The website will be updated this weekend.

Good luck and good shooting!


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