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Just got my 870!

My brother finally mailed my Christmas present (yes, seriously), a used 12-ga 870 Express Magnum! The receiver is parkerized; it's got a cheap-o pistol grip and new barrel w/choke tube & rifle sights. The barrel finish is not parkerized, it's a polished blue finish. He bought the barrel separately, because when he obtained it, the entire gun was less than 20" long... anyway, it's now entirely legal and arrived at my FFL today.

I'd take pics, but it's in the trunk of my car at the office, and I don't want to walk into work carrying it... not until a Friday, anyway...

I'm going to try it out this weekend, but I'm almost certain that the pistol grip will be the first to go. I'm considering selling it complete to get a new, fully-parkerized model. Any ideas what this gun will go for?
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