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Originally Posted by Jon_R View Post
I am traveling for the first time with a pistol next week out of Orlando into Vegas and then back.

Can you use the Kiosks for getting your boarding passes or do you have to stand in the big line of people that need to talk with an agent? With the kiosks an agent comes up to you still and checks you ID and puts the tag on your luggage which then you drop off for TSA.
Using a Kiosk won't work well because:

1. A counter agent may or may not want to inspect your firearm.
2. A counter agent needs you to sign a declaration tag that you put inside your suitcase declaring the firearm is unloaded. kiosks can't do that.
3. In some cases an airline rep will have to walk you and your bag to TSA for screeniing, If the screeners aren't close by. Again, Kiosks are not set up for people traveling with guns. You can get your boarding pass when you get to the counter although some airlines give you a small discount for checking in and checking your bag on line. But you still gotta go to the counter anyway for the tag and inspection

I always give myself an extra 30 minutes if I am traveling with a handgun in case of the aforementioned counter lines. Small tip as you approach the counter,just state in a normal conversation level and matter of fact voice "I have an unloaded weapon I need to declare." Works much better than "I have a gun" in a voice others in line can hear.

My .02 YMMV

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