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bills in committee

On 4/8/10 I attended the Kane County Town Hall Meeting held by Illinois Carry at Pheasant Run in St. Charles. One of the speakers was Todd Vandermyde, the NRA lobbyist for Illinois.

At the end to the meeting there was a question and answer session during which I asked why the bills went back to Committee. Todd Vandermyde basically stated that the BILLS ARE NOT DEAD. They were sent back to Committee for a couple of reasons which are actually positive for Illinois gun owners.

1. Because there are not currently enough votes to pass any of the CCW bills, the bill Sponsors wanted the bills to go back to Committee until they are sure that they have enough votes to get one of the CCW bills passed.

2. There is also the feeling that it would be better to wait until after the Supreme Court decision decides in favor of McDonald in the McDonals vs City of Chicago case that is pending in the Supreme Court.

Basically, we are not defeated. We have just pulled back some to pick the right time for the bills to actually be voted on.

According to Todd Vandermyde it is not enough to contact your State Reps and ask them to vote for the bill when it comes up for a vote. You must also tell your State Reps that you will actually work for their opponents should they not vote for the bills to pass.

In addition, Todd basically said that you must contact your State Reps and tell them that if they are "really" for gun owners rights that they sign on to the CCW bills as a Co-Sponsor if they are to expect your support in the forthcoming elections. The more Co-Sponsor that a bill has the better chance it has of passing.
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