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bullet theory heavy vs. light?

Hey folks, I'm fairly new around here. I've been lurking for quite some time, just soaking in all the knowledge. I'm finally ready to start reloading. I have a Rockchucker kit that I bought back in 2002 with good intentions to start reloading. OIF deployment scuttled that and then PCS to Bahrain then kids...well you get the point.

I will be reloading .45acp for my G30. My goal is to work up a load on the lighter side for practice and GSSF. The 30 is my only Glock. I've never reloaded before expect for helping my Grandfather reload .308 for hunting when I was a kid. My job was to lube the cases. I was good at it. I have read my Nozler reloading manual and my Speer reloading manual. I plan to get the Lyman reloading manual as well.

I have CCI #300 primers and WST powder. I'll be loading up mixed brass, mostly remington and winchester. I have not been able to settle on a bullet.

I'm looking at either Roze ZERO 230 grain FMJ or 185 grain JHP, or Berry's 200 grain plated flat nose.

I've read that heavier bullets have less recoil and I've read that lighter bullets have less recoil. All I really want is a nice light target round that fully operates the slide but produces less recoil than standard WWB 230 ball ammo. Do any of you have some good advice for me?

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