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Yes, cable locks are acceptable. Yes, if you're not bright enough to secure your case with one properly, you can have a problem. And I've never found a cable lock that wasn't sufficient.

Originally Posted by MacG22 View Post
I lumped the PA under NYPD, in this case, because the ATF agent said that that NYPD Pistol Licensing are the ones deferred to when TSA, PA, NYPD, and ATF have an issue with firearms and the state law. That's who they call, so to speak.

However, I am certainly not an expert on the agencies there and only know what I was told in my conversations with those agencies. The numbers are posted above and I would encourage any NYC residents to investigate further post your findings here for the benefit of the community.

Yes and no. I asked TSA if a cable lock was a sufficient lock for the gun case (as a backup...because I have two dozen of them sitting in the safe). According to TSA, a cable lock is fine so long as it prevents the case from opening. However, if you can still open it enough to get the gun out (which you CAN, with many cable locks) then they will not permit it to be loaded on the plane. TSA told me that the box must be locked SECURELY, meaning that you can't just reach in and get it out.

So regarding cable locks their answer was, essentially, "If you've got a way to make a cable lock keep it closed--which most won't do--then yes. But cable locks were designed for the firearm itself, not the case". A stock glock cable can be wrapped around the handle of the stock glock box pretty securely, IMO, but it can also leave some slack if you're not careful.

I'm sure many folks have used the cable lock just fine and can continue to, but I also wanted to let you know that it could be a problem with TSA if you get the wrong guy on the wrong day and that may not be a chance worth taking. The combo masterlock I put on my case cost me $10 and is twice as strong as the cable locks I got with my firearms (in terms of force to cut). However, if you're going to use your stock glock box (I use my M&P case) there's no lock hole so you'll have to improvise in some way.
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