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Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
At I-Gold last year, Governor Quinn said point blank that he would sign a CCW bill if it was passed by the legislature.
I actually never heard that he said that. That's impressive, and if it's on record (say, video, etc), then that's as locked in as you can ask from a politician. Obviously, it's not a binding contract, but still a plus.

Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
He can, of course, say this with complete confidence since the game has already been rigged by Cullerton and Madigan. He knows damn well he'll never be put in the position of having to sign a bill.
You're dead on here. That's why for the last few years, I continue to try and get either of them to give me an answer to a question about if they'll let the other representatives speak for their constituents. I've even stated plainly I don't care if they support it, as long as they speak for their constituents and let the others do so for their own. So far I've gotten dead silence and one "Unable to Deliver" from an e-mail sent to Cullerton's website.

Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
On a theoretical side note - do you realize that two sessions ago a deal was in place that would've authorized CCW in Illinois OTHER than in the City of Chicago? And the Chicago politicians backed out at the last second.
Do you know what the deal was supposed to be? To be clear, I absolutely don't doubt you. I'm just a political junkie and actually DO care about how the sausage is made.

I tried to get my state Senator to offer a deal last year. Chicago was asking for state funding/assurance that if they got the Olympics, the state would help foot part of the bill. My suggestion was, since we "down-staters" had little to gain from the Olympics, I suggested a "You give me CCW, we'll sign off on the funds you want." In retrospect, I think it was an even BETTER plan, since there was 1) no guarantee of the Olympics, and 2) no guarantee they'd even need the funds if they did get them. Alas, I don't have an office in the statehouse.
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