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Originally Posted by LEAD View Post
What is the best way to go about getting a converted saiga 12. Is it best to buy one and convert it yourself, or would you save a lot of time just finding one already converted, or sending one in for someone to convert?

I know it seems like the bulk of people get a siaga and do the conversion themselves. The thing is sometimes I find after all the time and parts you put into a project like this, there may be a more lucrative alternative.

So if you didn't have a saiga, how would you go about ending up with a quality converted siaga 12. Links are appreciated.
Do the conversion yourself. It's not as difficult as you may think.You will save money plus learn a great deal as well. I'm in the middle of doing an S-12 conversion right now and I'm actually enjoying the experience. It will be quite rewarding when I'm finished knowing I did it myself.

The main thing to remember is take your time. Also, make absolutely sure you have all the parts you need before starting. Make a list,check it, and then check it again. There were a couple times when I forgot to order a certain part. Then I had to order it, and wait for it to be delivered before I could proceed with the conversion. That was a little frustrating.

Here are some helpful links.You should find everything you need there.


Hope this helps. Good luck !
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