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Originally Posted by bravorigging View Post
This is probably a sore subject for a lot a guys and maybe gals,but i have my 2 sons living with me and the ex moved out of state,her income is double mine and I still have to pay cs.This is after we both went to a lawyer and agreed that she wanted no cs from me and she would help with the additional bills i will incur.Well i have not seen a dime and barely getting buy.She quit a great job to take another out of state,her boyfriend also somehow landed a job in the same erea.I dont think she was thinking of her carrer when she made her decision to move away.Should i get a lawyer ? Any help would be appreciated.
YES....If you have custody and they stay with you the majority of the time you should not be the one paying CS. Do you have custody?, or do they just "live" with you? Either way you need an attorney.
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