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Originally Posted by DustyDawg48 View Post
That would be incredible! Don't think it'd take much arm twisting on my wife's part to look down there if we ever had the opportunity to move.

With the success our local IDPA club is having, I hope that they'll move to do something at least twice a month or maybe have another local club start another IDPA shoot on their off weeks.
Yea I like that also... I just found another club that has a weekly IDPA match every thursday. Its like a 90 mile drive for me but heck if I'm dying to shoot and can't wait for our monthly match I'm going to be there.

Like our april match is cancelled for the Sunshine State Games IDPA and I cannot play because they arent letting unclassified shooters participate. No biggie... I need to find a classifier... because I was sick in Feb when our club had it and I won't dare show up sick.
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