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It is user preference, and in my opinion these are the best grips out there.

D... I have not been able to write you a thank you note yet, so please let me say thank you regarding my recent order. (Jason, Menifee, CA)

I have ordered twice from him. The first grips I had to cut off the shirt side as my holster angle was making the grip rub on my body armor and causing it to start the wear on the shirt, but since I changed to a tac holster to carry my TLR-1 and the holster a drop to it so nothing wears on my uniform.

I have been recommending them to guys at work and even installed a set for him.

I also made a video when I installed the first set.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

I also installed them different then the instructions say so check it out in the videos.

They provide an awesome grip in any condition and after having to wait in the rain where I was soaked even though my "waterproof" jacket waiting for backup for an open residence. I still had a sure grip. That was after I had to cut half of the grip off so I literally had a side by side comparison of with and without and the Talon side my hand stuck to, the stock grip at all.

Anyway I will order again. Still trying to get my sgt to get one for his 21 but he wants to keep it "old school".

Thanks for the awesome grips and to you other GTers, if you do not like them, they come off easy as they went on and leave nothing on the weapon. You will be happy either way, and with the price AND service AND shipping time, you will not be sorry.
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