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The OPs question was Colt or LMT?
IMO both make fine rifles, both has issues from time to time and some rifles need to be dialed in to work for the purchaser with the loads and accessories he plans to use because you never know when the consumer will use light varmint loads or heavy target loads.
Some companies build mainly for Gov contracts, some companies build mainly for commercial sales, some have strict specs that must be met and some have none, some use properly machined and heat treated parts like disconnectors and some use stamped parts that aren't quite hard enough. Most consumers don't have access to several different brands to compare so they read what others say but, some of those talking don't shoot enough to know that cheap disconnector, hammer etc. will wear out faster and fail. There is a good reason groups that train hard use certain brands.
Read post about Pat Rs carbine courses, that will give you a good idea of what brands will last and which will not.


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I used to try to keep records, but it was difficult and time consuming for students (and us) to get it all down on paper.
Also, so many mix and match parts that the genesis of any gun is difficult to ascertain.

Appx 70% are Colt with some FN's.
The rest are a bunch of Noveske, LWRC, Defensive Edge, S&W and others that are mainly single digit articles.

Most guns run well if not past the end of their service life.
The hobby guns will have more problems with extractors, bolts, springs, and small parts breakage.

I don't spend a lot of time looking at guns at class, other then to make sure the students are using them correctly>
I don't care what they bring as long as it is serviceable. Some aren't.

My company uses
S&W (3 T&E)
Defensive Edge
Laure uppers
The 6.8 is the fastest growing cartridge and #1 choice for hunting deer and hogs with an AR15.

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