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Originally Posted by Tazz10m View Post
Yeah, yeah, yeah, bleah, bleah, bleah, boz this, boz that, that ad is a bunch of crap.

...but, to better answer your question, it appears our guy who was to do his part has not been able to "do his part" (for whatever reason)... and so... we need to find someone who CAN...

We have not failed... yet! any relatively ambitious takers out there with the where-with-all to "follow thru" in making a sabot?
hay Tazz10m, I am a machinist and also reload for the 10mm. i started a thread about necking down a 10mm to 224 but heck i will try a sabot first. If you want to pass on the drawing i will bang some sabots out maybe as soon as tomorrow night depending how difficult your design is. the thing is our shop is lacking work right now so one of our 9 Axis mill/lath is sitting dormit which would be perfect for turning these puppy's out at an amazing speed.
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