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Depends on the distance. At 7 yards the torso is her main objective. At closer (like right on top of you) it's her call and she has no problem blasting away at the face. She is good at any distance, but she understands that longer than 7, she knows she must have the option of running away. She knows all the legal ramifications (paralegal). Same goes with a home intruder. If she can escape or if the perp is running away from seeing her/me armed, you must not shoot no matter how angry you are.
With that said, we decided to load her with every-other-round Velociters and Stingers in the 6 shot revolver and the same with the speed loaders she carries in her purse. Groupings are very close and any recoil (if any in the .22) are already mastered. Her being peite, we are good to go with her choice of weapon, her carry method and rounds. Just wanted to know if there is another heavy grain hi-velocity solid we should consider.
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