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Originally Posted by SDDL-UP View Post

The charts I've seen I don't think show quite that much difference, but even so I can't say it matters much for a defensive handgun round. Hype more than anything. Anyone really capable of shooting something at 100 yards with the 357 Sig is just as capable with a 9mm, 40 S&W or 45 ACP.

Same goes for the "better feeding" claim - more hype. A good gun will feed 9mm, 40, or 45 all day long - no problem.

Have you done much comparitive shooting at 100 yards? It is much easier to hit something with a 357 sig than a 40 or 45. Maybe if the yardage is known and you have your 40 and 45 dialed in. In my reloading, I have been able to get significant greater accuracy from the 357 sig than the 40, which makes a difference at 100 yards. A 45 has such a rainbow curve, you almost have to have it dailed in at the exact yardage. You can pick up your carry 357 sig and have pretty good luck at hitting and 8" plate at around 100, but not so with the 45.
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