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Originally Posted by long shot View Post
It still seems in many cases, that the lighter/faster loads in each caliber often generate the highest PSI (BPW probability).
That's true. Most of the time in common SD loads the lighter/faster loads in each caliber will yeild the highest PSI. But it's not so much because the velocity is higher than that penetration depth will be less. It's all about the retarding forces on the bullet by the human/animal body.

The more energy you can stop quickest will give the highest PSI. Switch the bullet from JHP to FMJ, and PBPW drops off dramatically because of minimal retarding forces on the FMJ no matter how much kinetic energy it carries. Obviously a load must always be choosen that will reliably make it to the vitals, with BPW being looked at secondarily.
I also realize that velocity is not the sole determinig factor regarding BPW ... which is why I mentioned (if necessary) in my previous post.
I just like to make sure. Way too many misconceptions floating around about Dr. Courtney's theory out there!
In 9mm for instance ... I would prefer to carry the 127gr.+P+ Ranger T vs. the 115gr.+P+ Ranger, even though the 115gr.+P+ load carries a higher potential for achieving BPW. Why? Well, I would get a good mix of lab performance (IWBA/FBI protocol), street performance, and a near 50% probablility of adding BPW as an additional wounding mechanism.

Thanks again.
Your welcome. Never hurts to know more than less.
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