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Originally Posted by long shot View Post
I'm not necessarily a fanatic of anyone. However, I do respect Dr. Roberts work. One thing I like ... is that he doesn't necessarily favor light & fast or slow and heavy (ah, the debates of old, lol). While he may prefer larger rounds overall for their potential ability to crush more tissue ... he seems to primarily go by how a given round performs in testing. He recommends everything from the lightweight 9mm Corbon DPX ... to the heavyweight 230gr. Wincher Ranger T.

Additionally, it's simply hard for me to ignore the fact that all of the major ammunition makers strived to meet the IWBA/FBI testing protocol when designing their top of the line duty ammunition; and the results have produced some outstanding loads. Irrespective of service caliber chosen ... when talking about loads like Winchester Ranger T-Series and Federal HST, they all perform well at various weights and velocities. So do loads using the DPX bullet, etc.

The .40 S&W, and in particular the 357 sig ... came along at a time when bullet technology really started making strides. That may have something to do with their 'street' success. Lackluster ammunition from days gone by are plentiful in 9mm and .45 ACP. Current bullet technology has allowed all of the service calibers to perform better.
I fully agree. There really were no junk .40 or 357SIG rounds like there have been in other calibers due to technology.
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