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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
Well, I didn't see any "fact" at all.

And the "expert" finds fault because the medium doesn't duplicate human tissue. I'd say to the expert, "Calibrated gel doesn't duplicate living tissue either", but it does come close to approximating human tissue's consistency. Yes, but the bullet-test tube doesn't come close, and this is what the company has to say about how it compares to animal tissue: "The short answer is we do not know and it really does not matter. " There have been studies done of OIS's on expansion and penetration depth that show a VERY good correlation between gel and humans, at least. I will stick with gel.

Regardless, the Bullet Tube material is a neutral medium the same way that calibrated gel is a neutral medium. Your "expert" has nothing to add, really. So is clay, and shooting clay tells me that a .22 CCI Stinger has much larger wound volume than a .45 JHP. See how this is flawed?

You mentioned a conversion equation in your previous post; can you tell us what that is? I'm not a math whiz but I's sure there are others who can figure the ratios.Yes, it's 1.34. Multiply penetration by 1.34 to get a rough estimate of how far the bullet would penetrate in gelatin according to the company that produces this product.

I suppose I could shoot watermellons, lumps of clay, or bullet test tubes. They are all about as meaningful as one another. However, I will stick with what the gel-tests are telling us. I would like the closest thing to flesh as possible.

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