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Originally Posted by English View Post
In a 4 O'clock position it does not make much difference but Glock's figures for the 32, 29 and 33 respectively are:
Length 6.85, 6.77, 6.29
Height 5.00,4.45, 4.17
Width 1.18, 1.27, 1.18
Mag capacity 13, 10, 9
Weight inc full mag 30.16, 32.98, 26.63

Perhaps the most significant differences are the half inch of length and just over a quarter inch of height between the 29 and 33, and the just over half an inch of height of the 32 over the 29. Depending on where the pistol is carried, these differences can mean little or a lot. Under a dress shirt in a belly band type holster appendix position I think the 33 would be a lot easier to keep concealed and would be more comfortable. In a 4 O'clock IWB holster the 32 could be as easy as the 29. Does that group the 29 with the 32 or the 33? I think there is no right answer and that it all depends on the person and the circumstances!

I would certainly agree with that.
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