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Originally Posted by N/Apower View Post
The Bullet Test Tube does not accurately simulate tissue or gel. That is why there is a conversion-factor for figuring penetration of bullets shot into it. We might as well go back to shooting duxseal or lumps of clay, which it is more like than gel in consistancy, and which seem to favor higher velocity rounds.
Well Bullet Test Tube may or may not be equivalent to calibrated gel; I'll let the experts decide that. At any rate it is a neutral medium regardless of the caliber tested as well as being a uniform consistency.

So from the article I linked, why did the 125-grain .357sig Gold Dot JHP displace twice the material as the 230-grain .45ACP JHP? And if you know the conversion factor what's the equivalent displacement and penetration numbers for both calibers in calibrated gel?

What I think is interesting is a medium whereby the "snapshot" of total wound volume can be approximately measured. In many test mediums the elasticity of the material makes it difficult or impossible to measure. Leaving aside the problem(s) of trying to closely duplicate the human anatomy Bullet Test Tube seems to me to be one simple way to make a limited but valid comparison between caliber/bullet wound displacement volumes.
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