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Originally Posted by English View Post
My criteria are based on the greatest stopping power and magazine capacity for a concealable size.

Next down in size is more difficult because it is a close race between the 10mm G29 and the 357SIG G32.

Next down is the G33. Again there is nothing to compete with it for power in that size package. 9 shot magazine and 26.6oz with full magazine in a very concealable but not pocket carry size.

I have both G29 & G33 that I CCW. In my personal experience, I don't really perceive a significant difference between either for CCW. For me, both are equally concealable carried at 4:00 PM in a TT gunleather IWB holster. I extended the G##'s capacity with a +2 Pearce grip extender. The G33 is slightly thinner and shorter, but (for me personally) not a noticable difference with the G29.
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