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Originally Posted by glock20c10mm View Post
Would you be willing to elaborate? I doubt I'm the only one who would like to hear more on how you arrived at that conclusion.
I am not trying to answer for dadeglocks but my choice of G33 is simple enough.

My criteria are based on the greatest stopping power and magazine capacity for a concealable size. Different circumstances put different limits on what can be concealed for different individuals at different times and there is, of course, a conflict between magazine capacity and stopping power. By stopping power I mean the lowest average number of shots or shortest time to effective incapacitation, and that is more stuff we can't put any precision to. On top of that, I want recoil levels that I can handles without developing a flinch but I am prepared to practice with a lesser loading or calibler in the same type of pistol to get it.

So, for situation where I could carry a full service size pistol, there is no competititon for the 10mm in G20. It is light, relatively small and 15 shots times 10mm power is a better stopping power and capacity compromise than can be found in any other similar size pistol and recoil is no problem.

Next down in size is more difficult because it is a close race between the 10mm G29 and the 357SIG G32. The G32 has less stopping power but more rounds. It is thinner and only a smidgeon taller. 30oz fully loaded with 13 rounds per magazine versus 33oz with 10 rounds just tips it to the G32 for me but I would be happy with either. (2 more rounds in 9mm doesn't do it for me!)

Next down is the G33. Again there is nothing to compete with it for power in that size package. 9 shot magazine and 26.6oz with full magazine in a very concealable but not pocket carry size. This is about as light as I want to go for .40 S&W or 357SIG recoil levels. I can shoot the G33 quite a lot at a time but if I had the opportunity to fire 1000s of rounds a week I would put a 9mm conversion barrel into it for the majority of that. Lone Wolf and others do conversion barrels and the conversion is usually reliable with no more than the barrel and 9mm magazines.

Next down takes us to 9mm in KelTec PF-9, Kahr PM9 or Rohrbaugh in ascending cost. I have the KT and I am quite impressed with it. The KT is only marginally pocketable, but the Rohrbaugh definitely is. In this weight and size pistol I think .40 recoil is too much and 357SIG is not available even if I wanted it.

Then we drop down to the .380 in about 11 to 14oz loaded weight. I have the KT P3AT, which is the lightest option, and I am impressed with that one too, but if I was buying again I woul go for the Diamondback which is just a little heavier. It has the same overall size, but the grip length is better because of the striker firing mechanism. if reports are to be believed it is nicer to shoot as well.

I can't see any point in going lower than that. The KT P32 is nice but for only another 1.5 oz loaded ad the same overall size, the P3AT just has so much more power. The KTs are so small and light that there is no point at all in going to a .25 auto.

All is compromise, but within the compromise graph I think the G33 stands out as the best in class.


PS I would not be unhappy with the G31 either but the G20 beats it.
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