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The impact event with it's immediate displacement of material is not easily measured after the fact. I do think evaluation methods are improving with time.

A product called the Bullet Test Tube has made testing of ammunition much easier than the difficult and expensive ballistic gelatin. The manufacturer, Ballistic Technologies, has worked hard to correlate how their wax relates to calibrated ballistic gelatin. The wax, as the product name implies, is contained in a tube, which is then sectioned to examine matter displacement. Prior to sectioning, the company recommends the cavity made by the bullet be filled with water, which can then be measured to give a good idea of how large a cavity the bullet created.

Test Results

One round of Speer 125-grain Gold Dot .357 Sig was fired from a few feet away into a Bullet Test Tube. It took approximately 3.7 ounces of water to fill the cavity made by the bullet, slightly more than double the displacement of a 230-grain .45 ACP hollowpoint fired into an identical test tube on the same day. The recovered Gold Dot bullet measured approximately 1/2" wide and had expanded symmetrically. It weighed 124.3 grains, weighed on a digital scale by Frankford Arsenal.
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