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Originally Posted by 1999Cobra View Post
For those that are uninformed:

This model comes in both 10mm and .45, but if I may give the OP some advice, MAKE SURE YOU you are getting the .45 version as I have heard of people buying what they thought was the .45 version and receiving the 10mm (this was done on purpose by the vendor for the reason described below) - and the unscrupulous vendor not wanting to take the pistol back - "Buyer Beware"

You will have a terrible time trying to unload the 10mm version of that pistol when you get sick of it - and you will eventually ...
ALL 10mm, with the exception of the PM-7 have been discontinued for 2010. There will be no Heritage 10mm, no CBOBs (or VBOBs), ONLY PM-7 and to California only (off course one get outside of CA - see budsgunshop)
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