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Originally Posted by bowtie View Post
the guys who work in vacaville are a bunch of freakin morons..
i already know bro. Lol lol you should`ve heard them when i asked "which glock would they perfer the g22 or the g23 ........ And the answer i got from them........... I f`n hate glocks i would perfer the feel of real steel in my hands !! And i waz like whoa ! I`m just askin bout ur opinion not a that answer ! And the guy looked at me and just pulled both out 4 me 2 choose and he said nothing else ! Lol lol so i just eneded up grabbing the used g23 from them that waz already moded out for $499 and thats the last time i`m goin there !!! Lol lol lol
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