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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Very soon. We rolled the latest, greatest version out of the molds yesterday. Plan to run a few rounds through it today. If all goes well we should have the proto version ready for delivery mid to late February.
Hi JR, will you be adding any texture to the front of the trigger guard at all (aestheic purposes more than anything else)?

I can see that I'd still have areas of the frame stippled to increase grip-texture (mostly the current smooth areas) and reduce the beavertail (don't need it), but love the rest of the design.

Looking forward to your "GLOCK" frames. Looks like they will be priced right too.

Last question, the lower receiver/frame serial numbers, I don't suppose we can have these made to correspond, or be similar to the factory GLOCK upper (say with an LWD suffix or similar)?
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