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Originally Posted by Bullman View Post
glad I could help. There was one member on here that had fitted his with a folding Uzi stock, it looked awesome.
A folding stock does sound pretty good . . .

For a handy light Hunting carbine PKG that would even work well for a back packer.

Hey! Just for S&G's have you seen the Magpul Proto. foldable Glock conversion, if you haven't seen it check it out on You Tube it folds up to the size of a day planner its really really cool too bad they would be NFA AOW even if they did put it into production we couldn't get one!!!

Now to get what I want I just need a CO. to produce a compact Bullpup PKG (BP is only way to get a shouldered NFA OAl Firearm Legaly in MI.) that can fit the PDW hi cap needs ala the FNP90 as well as being able to serve the short range big game hunting role and then I'm all set!

One weapon than serves to perform other needed tasks is one I definitely want to base my kit on when TSHTF!

Thanks again!

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