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Double the fun!

Originally Posted by Bullman View Post
That is why I was hoping LWD would go to building frames for the G20 G21 next after these new ones hit the market. I could get a frame and build me a Mechtech with one in 10mm.
I'm not real up to date on this Mechtech option, you mentioned, so can ya fill me in a little, or do you maybe have a link to their website you can post for me?

I'm curious to know if one of these Mechtech carbine conversions would be a good short range hunting platform, Does it mount a Holo-Sight/scope very well on it and would it really compare well Vis/Vis just using a 10MM AR platform for SD/HD and short range hunting, or is it just the good economics and logistics of turning one gun into 2 that you like?




Just spit-balling an idea here Dan, and I'm sorry for the topic twist but . . .

Seeing as how LWD is breaking all the molds lately *PUN INTENDED*
How about doing some molding of a SB BullPUP or a Glock 10MM? GF Based Bullpup Conversion?

For SD/SHTF/Survival types of purposes where I live; because of
"The illegality issues" in owning a SBR here, I'm finding it just impossible to beat a compact Bullpup PKG and if you can combine this W/a HI- on board -CAP of say like a FNP90/Thomson's/AK's/AR's Drum's/Beta MAG's holding 50 to 100+rnds? Then WOOO HOOO! build a HI-CAP Bullpup PDW in a potent cal. that works for both SD and Deer/Hog Hunting W/O too much recoil for fast follow up SD shooting

N.D. Why not just go W/a AR like every one else?

The only Tac. AR's that suit me are the forbidden SBR's . . . I'm short W/short arms and I like a very short compact (overall length) ergonomic stocked weapon PKG "especially in very tight home/vehicle situations & and that means I can only "Legally" go W/a BULLPUP PDW type carbine, for my needs even though the trigs almost
always su** nasty pond water! "HINT! HINT!"

"If some one will build it!?" (total PKG.)to be competitive with the AR or even at a lower price then (us munchkins) "they will come" and (we) "they will buy it!" (Buying it Probably in droves that would also include lots of big people too!)


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