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Originally Posted by ScrappyDoo View Post
LWD Armorer, I had no idea you made a Glock AR lower... Could you explain what else I would need to build a glock AR and how much it would cost approx. / how hard?

I'm no armorer so if it's hard I don't think I could do it... But I can and do read and take instructions well so if it was simply a matter of following the directions I could I think.

I know it wasn't asked of me but -

LWD Complete lower is $350. RockRiver A4 complete upper is $500. A2 is $520. 2 pins to push in to assemble, no tools required. So the most simple way will cost about $900, not including mags. Add optic/sight if go A4. Could be little less, depending on what kind of deals you can get.

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