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Originally Posted by joeshmow View Post
I wouldn't consider a .22 auto because of the possibility of a misfire/jam, but I like a .22 revolver. I have the .22LR S&W 317 1 7/8" barrel, 8 shots, super light weight, much better follow up ability than my 340PD because it has practically no recoil, plus 8 shots vs. 5. On the other hand the bigger bullet has better stopping power, and - another thing that's not mentioned much - the bigger hole in front has more intimidation power, since in most cases you'll just want to defuse the situation and, ideally, capture the bad guy without actually shooting. The 317 is lighter than the Scandium 340PD .38/.357, too. So I'm OK carrying either, but for home defense I prefer a Glock.

Not to discount the big muzzle/bigger threat notion entirely -- but I somehow doubt that the VAST majority of people staring down the wrong end of the barrel of the gun would be spending too much time measuring the diameter of the bore. I suspect that their reaction would be to either: 1) run away; or 2) continue to attack because they're plain crazy. But it won't be because they took the time to judge the bore dimension.

Just MHO...

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