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Originally Posted by Noponer View Post
The Gen 4 has had the grip pushed in (vs. the Gen 3) & uses a modified trigger housing... much like the G-21sf. I have been wondering if that would make the trigger pull heavier.

All sf models I have ever held seem to have a much heavier pull than the comparable non-sf models. I believe that the modified housing tilts the connector back a few degrees... making a 5# connector work more like an 8# one. A Glock armorer told me that was not the case, but I have my mind made up & don't want to be confused with facts!
I think you may be right. The trigger has loosened up a bit now that I have about 550 rounds down the pipe but it is still feels different than the others I have shot. My favorite attributes of this pistol are the grip texture and the mag release.
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