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I'd prefer, in this order:

Federal HST
Ranger T(tie between these top two)
Winchester PDX-1/Bonded Ranger T(same thing, but the 180 Bonded T is loaded hotter)
Hornady TAP FPD or Custom with XTP bullets
Hornady Critical Defense
Speer Gold Dot(tie between this and the Hornady's)
Remington Gold Sabers
Federal Hydra-Shock 155gr

I usually prefer 165gr, but I'll take 180 or 155. With Federal Hydra-Shocks I'll take 155 over 180 any day. I have yet to see any 165gr Critical Defense locally as it's rather new, but it's the hottest stated factory velocity I've seen yet - 1175fps and 506ft/lbs at the muzzle from a 4 inch barrel.

For FMJs I prefer American Eagle or PMC Bronze.
G23 G27

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