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Originally Posted by bcvojak View Post
Upgrade to 40gr Velocitors. . Same company (CCI). . But they are Stingers on Steroids. . Good track record of deep penetration (9"+) and expansion (0.32"+), with 90%+ bullet weight retention.
The Velocitors are a good load in a .22 rifle as well. I always keep some on hand. Veral Smith (LBT Bullets) a few years ago was telling folks to stock up on them. He was very impressed with their performance. One of his points was that they are loaded similar to the high speed .22 LR in the days of old. The Velocitors have higher velocity than most high speed 40 grain loads with a better bullet. They would be a good load for the guy that keeps a .22 as a farm gun or for a last ditch survival gun.
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